Celebrated Recording Artist, Carriesa, Set To Release Fresh Single, “Radar”

Acclaimed recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer, Carriesa, is ready to share a raw, emotional track with listeners across the globe. Her upcoming single, “Radar,” is coming out this September along with a music video. 

Carriesa’s latest single is about seeking and finding redemption. The moody, often dark overtones of the song give way to self-forgiveness and empathy. “Basically, the lyrics are me crying out to the high power. Do you see me—am I on your radar? Do you see me down here struggling?” shares Carriesa of the powerful lyrics behind her new single.

“Radar” emanates the sound of “a siren going off,” according to the songwriter. “It grabs your attention immediately, and then the beat drops. From an engineering and production standpoint, it’s incredible.” Carriesa not only wrote the lyrics and concept—she also co-produced the single. “You don’t hear this kind of sound nowadays. The vocals bring a dark tone  to it, but it’s a relatable song. Everyone has been there.”

The Houston, Texas-based artist began her musical journey as a child, singing and performing with her church and community. She learned the piano at the tender age of 4 and performed for an audience for the first time when she was 9 years old. Listening to various artist and genres over the years, she began shaping her signature sound through trial and error and a whole lot of passion. Creating a unique experience for her listeners, Carriesa combines her talents to encourage, inspire, and uplift others.

“I started writing early,” tells Carriesa. “I wrote a diary when I was young—random things and little girl stuff. When I got older, about 9-10 and up to my pre-teens, I started turning those words into song and making stuff up at the keyboard, not knowing it was actually a song.” It wasn’t until her studies at the Media Tech Institute that Carriesa learned the art of songwriting and structure. She then took a few of her old songs and put them back together to create magic. 

“I’m proud of my growth as a human being—not just musically but developing my own sound and figuring out what my sound is and my audience and learning to stay true to myself, to who I really am,” shares Carriesa about her journey through life. “Being your authentic self, you’ll attract the right people. I learned that by doing music.”

Over the next year, Carriesa is working toward making her Grammy dreams come true. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the award and accolades—Carriesa cares about her art and helping people heal through music. “I would love for people to know that we are all flawed, and it’s okay to make mistakes. You don’t have to live in fear and dwell on your mistakes. God can use your mistakes for your benefit. Everything is going to work out for you, and life is a journey.”

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