Carriesa drops her much-awaited new single ‘Radar’

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 / — At a time when the music world is clamoring for unifying voices to speak out for a new generation, few have answered the call as definitively as Carriesa.

The Houston-based singer has been steadily building momentum for years, turning the heads of industry insiders and building a legion of devoted fans. Now, all of that hard work and dedication seems to be paying off for the genre-bending singer. With the release of her most compelling music to date, Carriesa seems poised for a much-deserved international breakthrough.

Carriesa’s music is remarkably progressive, delving deeply into the issues that define modern society – including issues of modern identity, race, gender, and equality. She takes her responsibility seriously, representing voices that have been marginalized for too long. And while she has a classic sound, it is hard to imagine this music being written at any other point in history – this is modern music meant to reshape the way people from all walks of life relate to each other and themselves.

Growing up in Navasota, TX (and later College Station), Carriesa’s talent as a vocalist was immediately apparent to everyone around her. Since those early days, she has become equally acclaimed as a songwriter and producer, yet the heart of her appeal is her show-stopping vocals. You can hear traces of countless musical eras in her vocals, including the sultry jazz of the early century and the vintage soul of the 60’s and 70’s. But she is much more than just a throwback to a prior era. A keen interest in various electronic music subcultures is immediately identifiable to the knowledgable listener. It’s that dichotomy between classic and futuristic that has defined her sound up until this point.

“I want to make music that can connect with everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from,” she says. “I truly believe this music can touch people and change lives.

These ambitions may sound lofty, but Carriesa seems to have the talent and drive to back them up. A quick browse through some of her social pages can confirm that. Her follower count is growing exponentially, and her comment sections are filled with comments of rapturous support from her fans. And while she is endlessly grateful for the support, she has always stayed true to her vision of what a modern career in music should be.

“Honestly, accolades and trophies are not really that important to me, I just want people to be inspired by my career.”

Big things are on the horizon for Carriesa. Her discography is rapidly expanding, including eye-catching videos and of course, an inimitable social media presence. She continues to evolve at breakneck speed, revealing a new side of her artistry with nearly every release. She also has goals of branching out into writing and producing for other musicians, using her platform to elevate voices from around the globe. The stars are aligning for a young singer from Texas to leave a lasting legacy.

“I want to be remembered for the musical impact that I have had on people’s souls. I want my music to be soul-stirring, so much so that it can fundamentally change people’s hearts for the better.”

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